6 priority actions to increase your website traffic in 2022

6 priority actions to increase your website traffic in 2022


Having a website requires an investment of time and money.

And, it is not enough to have a “beautiful” website: you have to attract as much qualified traffic as possible.

One of the most effective (and sustainable) ways to generate quality traffic on your website is to optimize its natural referencing (SEO) . Without attracting sufficient traffic (in quantity and quality) no website no site can generate good results.

Admittedly, many companies and institutions “work” sometimes very well without generating opportunities via natural traffic referring to their website (they are rather limited to advertising, word-of-mouth or the actions of a selling power).

Other website owners rely primarily on paid search (SEA) or social media advertising.

In reality, most people do not know if their site is well referenced (or not at all).

However, not optimizing the natural referencing of a website always leaves room for new competitors who better grasp the  levers of digital marketing  and SEO.

And a well-established website is also useful for retaining your current customers. Like everyone else, your customers more or less frequently search online for alternatives to your services or products.

It is therefore better to be visible in these cases too (and therefore to remain in sight of your customers as well as your prospects).

So, in summary,  a well referenced site establishes your authority  both with regard to:

Being well referenced is not a step (and not a destination).

Competing for the top spots on Google is a zero-sum game. The best positions in search engine results exist in limited numbers (as the popular expression goes: “ the second page of Google is the best place to hide a corpse ”).

And the place of a website is always taken at the expense of another.

So, if your site is well referenced, you still have to defend your positions to keep them in the long term.

Moreover, a  good referencing is necessary, but not sufficient to convert visits.

It is still necessary  to set up the right calls to action  on your site (“ calls to action ”) to collect contact information and carry out your commercial follow-up actions.

Here are 6 priority actions to increase your website traffic with optimized SEO.

Improve the speed of your site

1.Create quality internal and external links

2. Create internal links

3. Create external links

4. Take care of the technical quality of your website

5,Produce quality content

6. onclusion: train, track your performance and equip yourself

7. Update (and keep) your site up to date

8. Update site content

To determine the rankings, search engines like Google are based in particular on the quantity and especially the quality of the content (including the “freshness” of the content ).

So, to get a chance of getting a good SEO for your site, you can’t limit yourself to posting content when your website goes live (or even doing a few occasional short posts).

Yet the majority of sites are little or never updated.

In fact, globally, there are only 200,756,193 active websites for 978,691,828 inactive sites (source: Siteefy – October 2021 ).

So only 17% of websites are active in some way.

So only a part of the active sites are updated regularly and the remaining 87% are never updated.

If this is also your case, do not take this statistic as an excuse, but rather as an opportunity.

Here are various tips for updating the content of your website:

At least once a year, review all of your content .

Then, choose from the following actions:

Delete the content: if a content has little interest (and/or few visits) and is no longer up to date : you can delete it (or unindex them if necessary if the content has an archive value for example );

Refresh the content: if a content is still of interest (and a sufficient number of visits), but is not quite up to date, refresh it (you can, for example, revise the introduction or a part text, update certain dates or statistics or references);

Rewrite and amplify content: If you find that content is of great interest but does not generate enough traffic or does not rank well, consider rewriting the content in depth (for example, by adding entire sections , new images, a video etc .).

Improve the speed of your site

The speed of a site is one of the factors taken into account by Google for natural referencing .

In addition, several studies have shown that the slower a site is, the less conversions and customer satisfaction it generates (for example, a Portent study from 2019 indicates that the conversion rate of a website decreases on average by 4, 42% for every additional second of loading time – between 0 and 5 seconds ( Portent, 2019 ).

So, start by measuring the speed of your website with one (or better several) of the following free tools

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