Business Email Hosting: What Your Provider Should Offer

Business Email Hosting: What Your Provider Should Offer


Professional business email is one of the smartest ways for companies to communicate with clients, customers, partners, stakeholders and more. It allows you to communicate using your company domain name whilst making email easily manageable. What’s more, you will have a specialised team in your corner with a dedication to ensuring your service is operating smoothly!

But you have to do a little research to find this perfect team. After all, there are multiple providers out there, but not all of them offer the same range of plans or tools that will ensure you have a tailored solution.

If you are looking to truly optimise your business communications then it is important to look out for a team who offers the following:

A range of productivity options

Businesses big and small can benefit from professional business email hosting. Because, after all, all companies will receive a personalised email address that will contain their domain name instead of the generic “” or “” etc.

For example, your name is Jan and you run a florist called “Fab Flowers” (daggy example, but you get the point!). Instead of having the generic “[email protected]” you can have your name as well as the company name as the extension i.e. “[email protected]”.

Customers are far more likely to open up a message from a personalised web address and this is fantastic for all companies. Having this personalised address is fantastic, but not all companies need the added Microsoft 365 suite that can come with a professional email hosting.

This is why your provider should offer a range of plans pertaining to your company’s size and scalability. For example, many small businesses only need the personalised address and can operate perfectly without Microsoft 365 and its awesome tools.

Conversely, large enterprises would need both the personalised address and Microsoft 365 to ensure that they can easily-integrate the daily operations of running things online!

A range of plans

Going further into a company’s needs: your company might need a smaller plan with only the essentials or might require a comprehensive service that allows for optimal security and storage. For example, you should be able to find a provider who offers as little as 500 MB of storage per month with add ons like mobile-friendly webmail, calendar, contacts, tasks and more.

But this provider should also have the capacity to offer a massive 50 GB of storage per month, with deluxe features including task delegation, anti-spam protection and app integration as well as all the benefits listed in the basic package.

Furthermore, they should offer a range of Microsoft 365 options, with packages beginning with essentials apps and services, optimised storage and more and packages that include multi-device installation, device security management, installable desktop apps, webinars and more!

Round-the-clock support

It’s 2024, and you should expect nothing less than round-the-clock support from your provider. They should have a dedicated team of support specialists on-hand to assist you should there be a need. This is imperative for companies that largely operate through their mailing network and should therefore be a given part of the package.

Be sure to look out for these essentials when choosing your hosting provider. They will ensure that you have the package you need to optimise your operation whilst ensuring that you are supported with a team of specialists who care about your company’s online success.

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