The complete guide to digital publishing

The complete guide to digital publishing


What is the digital edition?

Digital publishing is the action of making documents of all kinds available on the internet using online tools.

Instead of printed books, magazines, and newsletters, digital publishing makes it possible to create e-books, blogs, and online publications. Readers access this content from their computers, smartphones or any other digital device. In short, anyone with documents to share online can benefit from digital publishing technology.

As digital publishing covers many genres and formats, there are many online solutions, and many different software.  However, digital publishing platforms stand out from the rest: they offer a convenient, quick and easy way to convert your files into online publications .

Illustration of a digital edition reader

Although some platforms still use Flash technology , the new standard for online publications is HTML5.

Let’s say you have a Powerpoint presentation to put online to share with your colleagues. Thanks to a modern digital publishing platform, your PPT file is converted into a hosted HTML5 publication that can be viewed from a single address on the web. Then, to send it to your colleagues, you just need to copy the link and share it.

Effortless sharing is just one of the benefits of HTML5 publications. Other key benefits include:

SEO. Unlike a basic file upload, your documents converted into HTML5 posts are easy to optimize for search . Help people find your content with smart keywords, structured data, and auto-indexed text.

Compatibility. Never worry about problems opening your files again.Best of all, no additional software, downloads, or plug-ins are needed.

Versatility. HTML5 publications offer a lot of possibilities. Moreover, you can customize the eReader with your own logo, brand and design.

 You can view, share and update them from anywhere at any time.

Digital publishing in the form of HTML5 publications has many advantages, but which sectors of activity can benefit from it? From private companies to education, discover all our user tips to go further than the simple PDF .

Why Companies Use Digital Publishing

Although its title leads us to believe that it is only online novels, digital publishing is in fact a powerful tool for a wide range of businesses. . It is therefore important to have relevant digital content. Depending on your goals, the best reasons for using digital publications may vary. Here are three of the most common uses for business.


To create irresistible online documents. Traditional marketing formats like brochures, as well as modern channels like video , work together perfectly in digital publications. Marketers can combine the two to produce content that suits their target audience. Its ease of use and detailed analytics also make them handy for A/B testing.


To communicate with Internet users through your content. Newsletters, magazines, how-to guides and employee guides should be online. Digital publishing platforms make it easier not only to upload content, but also to manage it. Privacy controls and advanced distribution features help communications professionals get their message across, the right way.


To modernize the sales funnel. Today, content created by brands and selling products are closer than ever. Sales teams and e-commerce operations can make good use of digital publications. For example, emailing a personalized flyer for prospects to view on the go. Or turn a PDF catalog into an interactive shopping experience (with item zooms and shopping links) for online customers.

Education and digital publishing

One of the biggest challenges facing education today is adapting to virtual learning . However, online publishing offers a simple solution for digitizing teaching materials. All students and teachers need is access to an Internet connection to securely exchange documents. Since the best digital publishing platforms can handle multiple file types , converting assignments, tests, and other content into HTML5 publications is very easy.

Therefore, the digital edition can be used for many virtual learning materials like:

1. Study guides and lesson plans

2. Activities and homework

3. Presentations and projects

4. School newspapers and yearbooks

Textbook publishers often put excerpts from textbooks online, as digital publications. We can expect this trend to increase as virtual classrooms continue to evolve .

The digital edition for independent artists

Before the internet, creative careers typically started with finding an agent. But today, online tools such as digital publishing have opened up the possibility of producing and distributing one’s creations in another way. Artists of all genres and especially authors can choose to publish their works independently in digital formats. For example, portfolios and media kits allow you to present your projects and your skills, just as previews and collections allow the public to appreciate your creations live. Even an entire book can easily become a digital publication to share or sell – no agent needed!

Benefits of an online platform

Digital content is an important part of the online ecosystem. It’s no surprise, then, that there are plenty of options to help you create and publish digital publications, including software. However, an online platform has several important advantages.

Then you don’t need to worry about hosting your posts. In other words, there are no details to worry about setting up and maintaining the hosting. Finally, you don’t have to deal with separate software to download, install and update.

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