Storage superstars: 5 things your archiving service should provide

Storage superstars: 5 things your archiving service should provide


Archive storage is one of the most imperative functions your business can utilise in the digital era. Organisations generate massive data sets on a daily basis, and this can make it near-impossible to store said information onsite.

As such, organisations enlist first class document retention services to ensure their information is safe and easily retrievable. However, not all services are made the same, and some contain more features pertaining to greater efficiency than their counterparts.

So, what makes the ultimate data retention service? Is it the easy access? Is it the cutting-edge security systems? Is it the way you can simply call up and say, “hello, I need this particular document pretty ASAP”, and they will provide it to you on the spot?

Let’s find out below:

  • A proper barcoding system

Before the best archive storage Australia has taken your documents, they will provide you with a unique barcode set, one that is designed to make document retrieval an absolute breeze. One of the most important aspects of document retention services is the ability to quickly and easily retrieve your documents the moment you need them.

As such, your service should provide you with a unique tracking system that makes it simple for you to call up and request a particular document or informational set from the operator.

  • In-house couriers delivering on your behalf

Your service provider should absolutely never enlist third-party courier services to transport your documents. They should have their own team of thoroughly-checked couriers who will come to your workplace, collect the documents then transport them in a highly safe and secure manner.

Their vehicles should also be satellite tracked and monitored to ensure nothing untoward occurs in the process of transporting your documents from your workplace to the secure retention facility.

  • They should be able to digitise your files

They should contain cutting-edge data entry services that are able to accurately convert your files into PDF form so that you can digitally access them whenever you need. This not only makes them more dynamically available, but also allows them to be searchable on a 24/7 basis, meaning you will never have to sit around and wait to receive the document you need.

  • Endless document availability

Your provider should keep your documents for as long as you maintain an account with them. After all, if you never request to have your documents culled, but this ends up being the case, then your provider has done the exact opposite of the job they were enlisted to do, and so you should always have the peace of mind that they are maintaining your documents for as long you hold an account with them.

  • They provide secure document destruction

When your business no longer needs a particular document, you and your provider should be able to agree on a document destruction date. This is all part of your documentation being yours, and not in the hands of the archiving provider to decide what to do with it.

As such, destruction at the end of lifespan is an element that should be in your power of decision, and will allow you total control over what documents are needed and what can be destroyed.

As you can see, there are myriad features your data retention service should provide. They should ensure easy document access whilst providing an enhanced level of document safety including transporting from your workplace to keeping it onsite and returning it to your possession.

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