Mobile phone repair training: which organization to choose

Mobile phone repair training: which organization to choose


The different types of mobile repair training organizations

With the opening of repair points constantly increasing, the smartphone repair training sector is booming. Different types of organizations have therefore opened their doors.

Distance learning centers

Accessible online for modest sums, these training courses do not allow you to benefit from support for practical exercises. Incomplete and of extremely short duration , they do not go through all the knowledge and skills needed to practice the profession of mobile device repairer .

Face-to-face training organizations

Established in large cities, this type of organization offers basic training to support simple repairs on certain devices. Most offer a welding repair option, an essential skill in this trade. You can complete the entire course in 2 or 3 weeks.

State Recognized Cell Phone Repair Training Organizations

To carry out a complete and certifying training , you will have to turn to organizations offering a course over a full year. Different contracts will be offered to you: professionalization , continuing education, apprenticeship.

Smartphone maintenance training: how much does it cost

The pros and cons of each body type

Cell phone repair training organizations therefore have various advantages and disadvantages. You will have to go to those who best match your profile and your expectations.

Online training centers are very economical and convenient. You progress at your own pace and can therefore keep your current job in parallel. It’s a good way to make a career change . However, you will not necessarily have the equipment available to practice welding. You won’t get any feedback on your work either. Under these conditions, it will be difficult for you to assess your skills. In addition, you will not have any valid certification to present to your future employers.

Organizations that offer face-to-face mobile phone repair training have the advantage of putting you in touch with a qualified professional. You can ask him all the questions you want and you will leave with a little experience and practice . On the other hand, this type of training lasting 2 or 3 weeks, you will not have time to address in an exhaustive way the various breakdowns that you will have to meet in this job.

Full -year training giving access to state-recognized certification is the most comprehensive. They offer all the knowledge and skills essential to the exercise of the profession. The many repairs supported throughout the course allow complete autonomy as soon as you take up your post or open a store. Their main drawback is their high cost. Problem which can be easily solved thanks to the assumption of responsibility of the financing , in particular by an OPCO .

The different certifications obtained according to the type of organization and their value on the market

Mobile phone repair training gives rise to various certifications , with more or less value in this sector of activity.

Organizations , whether online or face-to-face, all issue certificates of participation in their training. Attending a few days or weeks of lessons, however, in no way attests to your skills. Recruiters therefore attach little importance to it.

On the other hand, there are countless number of smartphone repair training centers . If employers rely on a few of them by experience or reputation, they cannot know them all, nor attest to their seriousness from a simple piece of paper.

The only certifications that have value to all employers are those recognized by the state . It is therefore essential to opt for an organization that issues a professional certification . For this, know that a 3-week training course will not be enough.

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