The pros and cons of shared web hosting

The pros and cons of shared web hosting


After creating your website, you are looking for a reliable web host capable of satisfying you. The operation of a site is largely based on its web hosting. One of the types of web hosting is shared web hosting. Discover the pros and cons of this type of web hosting.

What to know about shared web hosting?

Shared web hosting consists of hosting several websites on the same server. Thus, the host puts the site on a connected server by renting you a hosting domain. This is disk space through which site content can be read by site visitors.

By opting for shared web hosting, you accept that your site is among the hundreds of sites hosted on a single server. In other words, it is a hosting shared between several web pages. Very suitable for beginners, it allows Internet users to distribute their computer resources with other users of the server.

Although some structures prefer to use a personal server, others opt for shared web hosting. The latter offers several advantages to users for an adequate use of the site. Shared web hosting now benefits from a large disk space.

The benefits of shared web hosting

Companies that do not have enough funds to take an entire server can use shared hosting. Thanks to it, you have the possibility to launch your blog sites, showcase sites and landing pages.

In the event that you are not in need of abundant resources, the ideal is to choose shared web hosting. It will allow your website to be online to meet the needs of the Internet user.

A very aggressive price

The ideal advantage that shared web hosting has is the price of its services. Not only is it affordable, but you also get the services of the best web host. If the cost of this type of hosting is very affordable, it is thanks to its mode of operation.

In fact, the price of the services offered is shared among all users of the same server. In addition, there is no additional price unlike individually dedicated servers. The management of the physical machine is therefore free.

A very effective alternative in the use

Shared web hosting delegates the management of the administration of the platform to its team. Thus, the latter takes care of the update of the server as well as the installation of the software of the server. It then guarantees absolute computer security to take advantage of its website.

High level security

Despite the number of users who use the same server, it offers optimal security. It is very popular compared to the dedicated server and VPS.

The disadvantages of shared hosting

Apart from the glowing benefits it abounds, shared web hosting also has some drawbacks.

The first drawback lies in the number of users on the same server. This number does not allow everyone to fully benefit from the server’s computing resources.

Second, it is not easy to do catering services. They require technical and professional knowledge in the field. Similarly, the slowness of your website is to be expected when you share the same server with several users.

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