Shared web hosting: what are its advantages?

Shared web hosting: what are its advantages?


However, selecting a shared web host and especially the hosting mode is not as simple as you might think.

Many suppliers occupy the market and offer a wide variety of offers. Among all the existing possibilities, shared hosting is an excellent option compared to the dedicated server. But who is this solution for? Do you necessarily need a whole server for your website? Zoom on the advantages of shared hosting.

Why turn to shared hosting?

Before getting to the heart of the matter, it is important to offer a clear definition of what shared internet hosting is: it can be visualized by imagining a colocation of multiple websites, grouped together on the same server, unlike the dedicated hosting that reserves a single server for a single website. In the case of shared hosting, there is sharing of computer resources between several users. There is a possibility that a site that is not yours weighs more; temporarily draining some of the shared resources, which may impact the operation of your platform. But the reverse is also true. Nevertheless, if this mode of hosting is booming, it is linked to many advantages to be discovered in the rest of this article.

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What are the benefits of shared web hosting?

Shared web hosting is open to everyone, but it is a formula suitable for small and medium-sized structures. Ideal for showcase sites and landing pages: you use it to launch your blog or your e-commerce site. It is up to you to change your hosting mode according to the evolution of your internet traffic. It is indeed a very good solution to guarantee the availability of its website when you do not need a lot of resources.

Advantageous pricing

This is the first benefit offered by hosting on a shared server. Indeed, the resources being shared between several web site administrators, the cost of maintaining the server is also borne between the different users.

It is therefore much cheaper than a dedicated solution.

The cost of shared hosting is cheap, making it a great solution for small projects. As the competition is also getting tougher in this market segment, web hosting providers have also improved their offers . How ? By increasing the capacities of their shared servers, for the same price. There are no costs for cloud administration, which is not the case for individual hosting servers. All expenses relating to repairs, updates and maintenance of the server are the responsibility of the supplier.

It should be noted that more and more web hosts are making applications available to users to better manage the space allocated to them. In this way, customers manage their web projects in the best possible way and in complete autonomy.

A turnkey solution

When you opt for this hosting plan, you don’t have to worry about anything. Computer security, server updates as well as the physical and software installation of the server are carried out by the host. The task of management is therefore facilitated ! No need for advanced server administration skills.

Some web hosting providers still provide their customers with configuration tools that are very easy to use and generally supported by open source software that is recognized and easy to use. This allows site owners to better manage their resources even if they are just starting out.

An effective level of security

It is wrongly thought that a shared server is more vulnerable: however, the security offered by this mode of hosting is as effective as that of a dedicated server or a VPS. A serious host will not make a difference between its different offers when it cares about the protection of these customers’ data and compliance with the GDPR .

Is your website GDPR compliant?

A good service provider will give you the same level of security for shared hosting as if you had chosen a dedicated server. By choosing a French supplier, whose datacenter is located on French soil , you give yourself the opportunity to carry out your activities on the Internet while respecting the regulations on the protection of private data , both for yours and for those of your future ones. visitors.

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